October 10th, 2019 – 379

My head has not been in a good place for coming up on six months now. Dips in my mental health like this are nothing new, and they were in the past much worse than now. All that said, I am in a pretty wretched mental space at the moment. As I wrote yesterday I have chained a second non-VOL day, so that’s bad. 

On the plus side, I found out Hemingway has a near-infinite undo/redo memory. I  pasted in the latest chapter of TUS and edited it, then undid it all and got back the first four sentences above. Good to know. The reason I did not post TUS yesterday was the need for drastic edits to the chapter. Now I’ve done those I’m on 721 words, so I may as well try and make the last three hundred or so words today VOL. 

I will make it through this week alive somehow, but I know I should book some time off. Why is booking time off so awkward for me? But anyway, enough griping. At least I got eight hours last night. Oh on that note the FitBit is working again at last. Time to be a little more careful with my food. And you know, get around to sorting a damn gym membership…