October 8th, 2019 – 377

I may have to cave and book a week of holiday. If I do, I’ll need to find out if I can cancel annual leave I have already booked in, and I will be straight up robbing my future. There’s no gurantee a week off would even work, but in my current state it’s becoming clearer by the day I need it. I’ll speak to my manager about moving around annual leave to take a week off coming up. Can’t hurt to ask.

The good news is that I am on track with VOL, getting a thousand done each evening despite the tiredness. I will say, this story needs a lot more work before its ready to publish. That’s fine, it can have as long as it needs, I’d rather that than publishing half-baked prose. But if I am doing that as my focus I need to jump into editing as soon as I finish typing it. 

That’s fine until you consider that putting your work “in a drawer” is a great way to get objective distance. I’d sacrafice that for short term gain, which means I need to be ruthless with prose that’s still raw for me. It’s going to be a gruelling process, but it needs to get done so it’s going to get done. If I needed any more reason to book off a week, there it is. If that’s my plan, I will focus on work for now and catch up with this when I get a quiet spot. This is going to be one of those long days.