October 6th, 2019 – 375

I finally tidied up!

…my Minecraft storage system. My flat? Ehhhhhhh not so much. I will, lord knows I need to. But – surprise surprise – I am still not doing so great. Yesterday was a busy day, that was fine. But my sleep routine is so messed up at the moment because of the packed workdays and weekends leading to late-night writing that I’ve locked myself into a cycle. Does not help that I can tell I’m about to get ill. Not a great cocktail; I’m going to have to drink the result soon enough.

In more positive and writing-related news, while I still need to write for today I am within spitting distance of finishing VOL. If I pushed myself I could probably do it tonight. Now I come to think of it, that might be a good idea because even if I end up tired tomorrow I can spit out something for 1K and go to bed at like 7pm, as I have plenty of ready-made food in the fridge. There is not a lot at all left to go, to the point I could wrap it up in 3,000 words. Heck, maybe less.

I’ll do 1K, then see how I feel. I would love to get back in control, and end-of-project blues aside I feel buzzed and ready to go. I’m gonna go make myself a coffee and give this a shot. Guess I’ll tell you circa 10am tomorrow how I get on. Wish me luck.

…Oh and latest chapter of TUS is about to go up; sorry for the delay.