October 4th, 2019 – 373

I am lucky that my organisational skills have improved as much as they have. If I still had the competencies I had at the start of my time working at the college, “screwed” would not cover it. As it is, while yes things are intense, I am on top of my workload, and not carrying that baggage into the weekend. As far as I am concerned, this is my top prioriry each Friday.

As for VOL, well I wrote another thousand words of it yesterday, and the ending is flowing a lot faster. In the original it came in at about 6,000. After writing a thousand of that, it feels like I may finish within 4,000. I’m not rushing to that end, but the sooner I get there, the sooner I can focus on TSS. I’m keen to get to it as soon as possible, even if the deadline is now the end of December. 

After I finish TSS, I have a bit of a looming anxiety. The next book in the series is The First Stroke (TFS), a story that follows the next step of one of TSS’s characters. And well, I do have a plot, but it’s not as locked in as VOL or WHT were, even if I wrote both from scratch as well this year. That’s alright, some of my best work came off the top of my head. You can look at The Rope Broke in my short story collection to see that.

Even so, I’m nervous. The protagonist of TFS is one of my favourite chatacters, so I do worry about doing her justice. Need to trust that I’m good enough at this shtick at this point that they’ll come alive for the reader. Can only do my best.