October 3rd, 2019 – 372

Yesterday at long last, I managed two things. First, I wrote VOL for 1K, the first time I’ve written a thousand words of that story in 5 days. This drought stemmed from 1K+, or at least that seems the most obvious culprit. Other factors played a role too, but 1K+ netted a modest 2,000 words. This isn’t to say that 1K+ was a mistake. I should think of it more as useful if dangerous. The more words I throw in, the higher the risk of burnout at the end. 

The second thing I managed to do at last, was finish the penultimate part of VOL. When I wrote the story the first time round, I did so as 9,000 word chapters, which morphed into the parts I have today. Each part has about 6 chapters give or take. This will be much shorter for the final part, so we are in the endgame at last. Sure, a little over the deadlines I set before, but we’re still ahead of schedule by a good three weeks.

Work is busy but at last under control. I’m going to go back to focusing on that now, but wish me luck. We’re one huge step closer to another finished book. Then it’s TSS, WHT and beyond. Things might be tough, but future looks pretty bright.