September 24th, 2019 – 363

In spite of the hectic world this week has fast become, I am for now still on top of my work queue. I’m a little amazed to report that I am also for the most part on top of my writing. Another two and a half thousand in the can from yesterday and I’m confident of a repeat performance. The only part that has slipped for now is the final edits on TUS’s last ten chapters. That’s not a small task, and I do need Chapter 39 at the least done for tomorrow afternoon.

It looks as if VOL’s final wordcount is going to be about 95,000 words, where I aim for about 75,000. That means I will be ruthless in cutting the less entertaining or essential content. I want the finished product streamlined and fast paced, and should manage it if I shed about 10k of content. I’m happy to shave up to 20k. That’s not a task most authors enjoy, but I love hacking huge chunks out to get closer to the sculpture beneath.

Health wise I was a bit dicey yesterday, and by about 4pm I was in a rough state of mind that see-sawed for the rest of the night. I do not want that to happen again. It shouldn’t, as I am on enough sleep and have a workable plan to survive the day and get all my tasks done. Even so, I have to be vigilant that if burnout approaches, I have to ease off until it passes. The last thing I want is to back myself into a stress-related sick leave corner.

My Trello has seen better days. I have a lot of temporary columns that need trimming back, and a whole queue of “to tidy”. I already lost my chance to send in a meter reading when it fell into that abyss. I want to minimise the further casualties in any way I can. 1Y1K will be a day that I hope sees me get my home ecosystem in order. Who knows, Trello might follow as a natural next step.

I have neglected my food tracking a lot this month, and I need to stop that. I’ve already seen my average move up two kilos and I want to stop that ascent as soon as possible. I’ve wondered for awhile about a food diary or online version where I record not what I eat but when I’m hungry. Fitbit already tracks the former, but I want to know when I’m struggling to concerntrate. I have a sneaky feeling it’s going to say 3-5pm with big warning signs. If my imaginary readers know of an app or site for hunger tracking please ping it at me.

That’s all for now. VOL should get close to if not its final chapter tonight, and then with luck clip off some of the next too. The project is coming together well, and I can’t wait to share it with my audience on WattPad. Then I can sit back, relax, and type up the other two novels waiting for this treatment. Then I can write the other ten in the series. And I guess the 86+ I need after that. They say 99% of novels fail – a monetary concern I don’t care about. If I want to make money out of this one day though, guess I have to write 100.