September 22nd, 2019 – 361

So ‘1K+’ hasn’t been the worst thing ever. I’m a bit drained, but I’ve gotten a lot done. That all said, there’s a bit of a problem, and that’s I don’t think I should rush these chapters I’m writing now. There’s bits and pieces that I keep finding and going “Oh, so I have to cut that now?” My gut says they’re a bad idea to get rid of.

Well, the crux of it is I have 7,500 words to go by the breakdown on my whiteboard. But it’s more like 14,000. Maybe 13,000 if I’m generous. I can get it to nearer 10,000, but as I said above, that cuts quality content I like. So I’m gonna say it now: I don’t care about the deadline, I care about doing the story right. Therefore, screw the deadline.

Almost. See I’m going to work as if I need to hit it, but focus on reading the first draft more and try to be smarter in what I save. And on the 27th I can write a bit more if I need to. It’s a day to celebrate writing, I doubt I was ever gonna just write 1Ks worth. I wrote 1.5K tonight so I’ll need at least another 500 somewhere.

I think deadlines are great, but they can mitigate the whole point of a total rewrite. So I’m going to prioritise getting this right over starting TSS on time. On that note, if TSS has to have its deadline moved to December 31st then so be it. I want to work fast, but if a book’s worth rewriting it’s worth rewriting well.