September 20th, 2019 – 359

I didn’t write the extra 1,500 words yesterday that I have on other days this week. That was because I could not do that, and get to sleep at a reasonable time. I was preparing to write it anyway, and then it hit me that I was letting my former bad habits get the better of me. That I used to rush as many words as I could and then burn out is not a reality I want to return to. Sleep must always come before any extra words.

The good news is that I have 13,300 words left and 8 days to do so if I want to stick to the 27th as my deadline. I should manage that if I manage a handful of plus-days. If I don’t hit that deadline, I will still be more than close enough to finish before the end of the month. Having a whole other novel ready to go, or at least ready to prune rather than build is a great feeling. I love tinkering and improving a lot more than the actual act of writing.

Funny thing is, that love is a relic of one of my other old bad habits, the other side of the coin. I’d rush thousands of words in a short space of time, then pick and prune those words for months, at times even longer. It would give me some level of satisfaction, but no real progress. But I’ll be able to indulge this a little once VOL is ready. I will need to focus on TSS, but tweaking VOL will be a nice downtime action.

I’m pretty busy at work, so I’m going to focus back on that now. Wish me luck. Man do I need the weekend.