September 18th, 2019 – 357

So far the ‘1K+’ week is going, spectacular. Like, beyond my wildest expectations. Even if the last two days stood alone and I now went back to only 1K, I’ve given myself a huge boost on where I was. 5,650 is a great word total for the last two days, and when you add the 1,000 I banked on Sunday, that’s close to a weeks total. Not shabby at all. That said, I’m not content with patting myself on the back. There is no reason I cannot do it again tonight.

In a funny way, having this arch goal to focus on is making this week – one I expected to be painful – much less so. I’m not fixated on all the work that I have to get done in such a small space of time. That’s, also funny as my response to that situation was to pack more work into that small space. Never let it be said that I am a creature of logic. Either way I don’t care all that much, if it works it works. Making sense is far from a priority.

I’m close to writing up the easiest scene in the entire book soon too as a bonus. While I’m tracking as if I have 16,800 words left, it is in fact only 15,800. When you read the book my imaginary reader you will see why as soon as you reach it. A little bit of fun with perspective, but also indicative of how important one of the characters is. Anyway that’s enough being cryptic, but suffice to say 2K will be easy when that day comes. As the scene is within my grasp, I may be doing so today.

Right that’s enough daudling. Now back to work. May take a break later and see how many extra words I can crunch out, but only if it won’t add to the stress of the day. We’re on top of this.