September 16th, 2019 – 355

Ok, this is a hard one to write. I’ll cut to the chase right away, and say that I do not have 8,000 words to go. I have, a few more. That’s not the most awful news in the world, I wanted to have excess so I could cut the story down to 80K at most. Well, I’ve got that. Turns out VOL’s first draft wasn’t 75K or even 80K. It was 89K. I’m, I have mixed feelings about this. On one side I’m thrilled, as that means all those scenes I’ve fretted over I can just cut, and can be more ruthless cutting as I go from here too.

On the downside, good luck hitting the deadline of the 27th. I have said, time and again, that that’s a deadline I can move at will, and I’m not hung up on it. Even so, I was within grasp of it, and fell short. Or, I risk falling short. The odds of me hitting that deadline are slim to none. But there is a way I could do it. I do not like this way, but I could pull it off. That is of course, that between now and the 27th, I write 2K of VOL each day.

That’s no small task. Eleven days of sprinting is a tall order at the best of times, and I may feel in control again, but that’s got “BURNOUTwritten all over it. I do not take a notion like that lightly. I have to write a thousand words each day, but they can be whatever I like. I have resisted ever telling myself “for Y time it has to be X” because that’s going to push me to my limit, at a time where it’s not like it’s the only thing in my life doing so.

You know me by now though, I wouldn’t be writing this if I wasn’t at least considering the idea. Here’s the opposite side: If I manage somehow to pull that off, TSS ends up as less of a sprint. Also, if I pull it off, I will feel more confident about my possible NaNoMineMo challenge that could be on the cards. It’s a tricky one, as I can see pros and cons to even attempting, but tonight I need to get started. I’m on 0 and need to reach 1,000 before bed either way. Question is, if it’s not too late, do I stop there?