September 12th, 2019 – 351

Today is as hectic as can be. I cannot as I would love to turn off the ability to recieve emails. I still have people who can’t read sending emails despite my out-of-office saying in a polite way: don’t. It’s a small thing, and I should close my emails and ignore them, but that’s easier said than done. One day when I control my own workflow in every sense, my out of office will send malware to repeat offenders. That will end well.

Anyway empty threats aside, as you can imagine I haven’t written anything yet. That’s fine, I wasn’t even going to blog until after work, but I needed a breather so this made sense. What is less ok is my FitBit has decided to fail. It may have gone as far as deleting all my sleep data, which is just dandy. You can bet I’ll take the gloves off for that complaint email. This is the latest in a stream of minor inconveniences that don’t stop me per say, but do add extra frustration to my day.

All this aside, I have some positives to report. As of yesterday, VOL has less than 10K words to write up. The story also feels as if the pieces are falling into place. There is a hitch that there might be a lot more than 10K words to go with all the new content in the rewrite, but that’s ok. I’ll be cutting a lot of content, and I know exactly where from: the visual and physical layers. They are the weakest parts of the story and I can still do them a lot better. So I’ll cut at least a few thousand from both.

All that is to come though. For now I will focus on getting to 100%, and then jumping into TSS. The headspace I have from the latter means I’m feeling pumped to jump into it, and excited for a whole new story to work on. I’m also rearing to go on typing up WHT right after, and may even aim for a New Years Day deadline for this. I doubt I will as that will be a living hell I kick myself for down the line, but it’s fun to think about when not dealing with it.

 So in the words of King George III, what comes next? Well I have a provisional timetable for 2020 which is, ambitious to say the least. I want to start serialising a collaborative project – one is in the works as we speak but that’s under wraps for now. Is it under wraps? I’ve only ever heard that spoken. One of my imaginary readers should correct me on that. 

VOL kicks off in October and finishes around my Birthday. WHT runs into September, and then TSS takes us into 2021. For now I want to keep things to “one story at a time” because that lets me build up a sizable buffer. This is less for content creation and more for more editing time. Aside from the above collab, I want to also make 2020 a year of a lot more short stories. And when I say short stories, I mean published short stories.

Oh and we’re going to win the 2020 Wattys but we’ll get back to that nearer the time.

On days like this, a pile of work threatening to bury me, struggling for relevance: planning helps. It helps because it gives me stretch goals. It helps me to figure out what short term things I need to work on. But most of all, it helps because it’s fun to daydream about. If 1K has taught me one thing, it’s if you enjoy daydreaming of success you should. All I have to do is make sure to write the stories as I do.