September 11th, 2019 – 350

Ok, I’m starting to feel a little less out of it, which should be a given after three weeks of 8 hour average sleep per night. What’s that you say? I said I haven’t chained two weeks in a row of that, so how can I claim three? Well funny you should ask – well, you didn’t, but I’m asking for you, and you’re imaginary anyway so who cares? On paper I haven’t chained three, but last week my average worked out as 7 hours 59 minutes. So 8 hours.

I’m starting to feel much less drained, but I am aware that my anger levels are still, well they’re not that great. I’m not angry at anything per se, but that’s not unusual for me. There’s always a background level of rage that I cannot get rid of, but I hope some level of that is normal for everyone. The issue is where it’s spiking, such as when talking to friends who I may have snapped at. Yeahhh…

So how do I fix that? Holiday, done. No really it might be that simple, I have Friday and Monday booked off work, I’m going to tidy the flat, and I’m going to relax. No “hey why don’t I push for 7,000 words today to finish VOL by the 17th!” nonsense, I do not need that. No, a nice, relaxed break, and yes 4,000 words across four days, on whatever I want them to be on. 

On that note, If I write at least 750 of 1Ks words today as VOL, then the story reaches 10,000 words left to type. It’s a bit odd. It feels like only yesterday I finished the first draft, and yet in the inbetween time I wrote a whole other novel. Goes to show how much time I used to waste not writing. The hype for VOL is building slow and steady, and I’m hoping to see people latch onto this one in a big way. Exciting start, explosive, different but familiar where it counts. VOL should tick a lot of boxes. More important, it should hit people right in the feels. 

So I’ll try to take my breaks today at work, do a few sprints, and see if I can hit target by 5 so that I get the evening to myself. Last night I  was such a wreck of rage that I would have gone to bed early if I had target in the bag. Tonight, I want that option open to me, and if I end up in that state you bet I’m going straight to bed. Yes leisure time is important, but not if it activly degrades my mental health. I’ll make up for it on Friday. You know, after I’m on top of tidying the flat.

…Oh, ok maybe I should acknowledge the elephant in the room. Today is the 350th day of 1K. In 16 days the project turns one year old. It’s funny rereading what I’ve put above. I would have killed for this work ethic and efficiancy, not to mention self control a year ago. Now it’s, well, normal. The flat needing a tidy and me wanting to make sure I kick start my next novel on time, this is still all so freaky and new. Feels like I’m not even related to the person who sat here – well, a quarter mile / that way – this time last year. That’s a happy feeling.