September 10th, 2019 – 349

This is not my week. I got well over 8 hours yet again, and on top of that got my internet at long last at home after my 8 month gap. I should feel relaxed and contented, but I do not. There is so much to do at work, and even with all my tasks logged and in hand I still feel overwhelmed. 

Ok let me cut in here to say there is a reason I blog at work, and ^ this is why. More people should do a daily work blog. So I just said I have all my tasks logged. That’s a lie. I was about to say my emails have a backlog and I have an “On the back foot” column on my Trello. That means I do not have all my stuff in hand. Jeez no wonder I’m feeling so restless. I’m going to go organise all this and will be right back.

Ok that took three hours. I was carrying that baggage around with me everywhere I went, so no wonder I was so burned out. I now have a huge queue in Trello that I will tidy after this paragraph, but I already feel so much better. Knowing I have it all managed in one place makes the world feel as it should be, even though it’s the same amount of work.

That only took 10 minutes. I chose to archive all missed calls without listening to them because too many people tried to do that. Leaving an answer machine message at a time like this is so unhelpful. If they have tasks that need doing then email them, so I can see them. Making me listen to your ums and ers is a complete waste of time.


But regardless that frustration out of the way, I have my queue set up to be much more usable tomorrow.  I also did get a lot done today on Markbook and iLearn/Moodle, so I did good. That said, I am dead right now, and feel like I’m going to pass out. Pretty sure I’m sick, but not sure with what. At least my lymph nodes have decided not to scare the life out of me this time like they did before.

So, 5 paragraphs of my “job”, you know where this is going. If you’re wondering why I didn’t write on my break then my only response is “what break?”. My head feels like I’m operating on 3-4 hours of sleep, even though I’m getting a consistant 8 hours a night. If I need any more proof that these 4 days off are a required, I almost passed out several times today. I have the rather unfortunate sense that I may end up in hospital at this rate, and I do not relish that.

All that said, I will get some writing done now. I haven’t taken my break yet, so yeah it’s 4:09pm and I’m leaving in less than an hour but I’m taking the damn break now. No idea how much I’ll be able to write, but it’s the principle of the thing.