September 9th, 2019 – 348

Considering I managed more sleep and consistancy over last week than any before, it’s not fair I’m so tired. Yes, I know “not fair” is a stupid way to put it, that’s not how the world works. That said, I shouldn’t still be anywhere near as shattered as I am right now. I got 9 hours last night on the back of a week of solid 8s, and I can’t function anywhere near the level I need to.

I know the real cause is stress but it’s not like I can do anything about that. I’m going to book some time off soon to help correct the stress-levels, but that will only work if I get on top of my queue. Problem is while I was on top of it, circumstances beyond my control mean I’m behind now. That’s ok, as I am still on top of everything else, so once I clear this hurdle things are fine again. But I have to get to that point to be fine.

Last week, I wrote over 8,000 words of VOL. That’s assuming we go Mon-Sun as oppose to the normal Sun-Sat week I work on in most fields. For some reason my 1K calendar works on the former model,  but point still stands: I’m more than on track with my main job. That is genuine comfort for me, as I have to remember that my “work” is temporary. The fatigue is nasty, but it isn’t stopping me from completing the task that matters.

On WattPad we’re seeing a slow and steady stream of views and votes at least every-other day. Shows I’m doing something right on the platform, though I still have a long way to go. After 4 months of active use I have made a lot more progress than I first expected. Even if there’s a 0% chance at winning the Wattys this time round I can be proud of building a small audience. That said, I need to up my game if I want to start trending. 

I’m speaking to a few people about possible collabs, but what I need is a story that ticks all WattPad’s boxes. I need to write something that taps into the average reader of the platform in such a way that it can explode. I know TUS and the rest of the series can do that with attention, but what I need is something that gets that attention. Not only does it need to be good, but poignant, and a conversation starter on its own. The kind of thing people share like mad because they want to be the one who showed their friends first.

I could port “The Rope Broke”, but that feels cheap, and it’s not like I can’t share that story anyway. No I need something more, and the kind of thing that gets the whole community talking. Question is, what?