September 8th, 2019 – 347

Sorry about yesterday, bit out of sorts with myself. I know as a rule I write both better and faster if I push myself to do it in the morning – which I’m doing right now – but after a long week at work my willpower is sapped and I end up leaving it all to the last minute. It’s not like I’m alone on that, the 5 day work week creates burnout as a natural result, but it’s still annoying.

Rewatched The Matrix last night again, forgotten how much I liked that film. I like watching it at this point too, because VOL and The Matrix share a common root – the Alice in Wonderland connection. Given Arthur is on a physics bending layer himself in the write up at the moment, it helped with some inspiration.

…yet it was only today that one four-word line that would be a perfect little nod struck me. A certain utensil is a shared characteristic too, and I cannot believe it only occured to me now to include it. Anyway sorry to be cryptic, but hope that you spot what I’m talking about somewhere going into the third act.

Right, time to finish target, then with the exception of food shopping play Minecraft till bed. Be the first time in a long time that I manage that if I do. Wish me luck.