September 3rd, 2019 – 342

One of those super long days today, but wasn’t a bad day by any stretch. I’m trying to make more of an effort to talk in the Discord group, and I’m going for a drink after work with my former Politics teacher, so that’s pretty sweet. I, just realised that that exact same thing happens at the start of The Malcolm Effect. Spooky. Well, spooky for me, it’s not like I’ve even talked about that in the open yet. Why would I, it’s not like I’m writing that story for another, jeez two years? I plan this stuff far too far in advance.

In a way though, now we’ve got some content building up, that’s feeling pretty sweet. I mean I am now teasing VOL, and you can see that image above if you’re looking at the blog at the moment. I decided to link this site more to WattPad at last because this should be an extra advert for my stories. It feels good seeing my three main projects at the moment – and yes my short stories count – in the header. Feels like I’m a more grounded writer.

In other news, I haven’t written yet today. Given I might end up home late, that is a teeny bit problematic, but I figure hey, if I get the bus then I can try and do some writing on there. I had some downtime at work for lunch but the day has been pretty full-on, so I used that as an actual break for a change, not writing. If I produce another 400 words of VOL today minimum, we get to 20,000 words to go until the whole story is typed up. That’s an exciting prospect, even more so in a way than having the first handwritten draft.

So, why do I write my stories in this way? It might seem a little weird that I create a literal doubling of the work involved for myself by having to type stories out after writing them. Imma just say this now: all writers should consider trying this. Yes it’s hard, but it makes rewriting so much easier. You get much less attached to sentences or scenes when you have to do them all over again, and the ones that jazz you fly by. That’s how I know which chapters are bad in VOL, and will fix those in the touch up phase. Also, having a handwritten version of your story imo is kinda cool.

One more hour of day to get through. After that this evening should be a nice one, and I’m hoping one that is followed by a good night’s sleep. I feel a bit more on my feet than I have in recent days, but that all nighter on Friday to Saturday did a lot of damage. A half hour nap wasn’t enough to correct for that kind of fatigue. You know my motto on that though: it is what it is. That’s not an acceptance of feeling rubbish, but an acknowledgement that changing that feeling is within my power. But I do have one small trick up my sleeve.

Voice typing is now working a heck of a lot better than it used to. With a little luck, I may just be able to coast the rest of this write up with little trouble. Guess we will have to wait and see how that goes.