September 1st, 2019 – 340

The last few months have been more than a bit of a slog, and it’s fair to say in the course of August, a lot of that gruel caught up with me. I’m not surprised in the slightest, as I am still looking for that all important work/life balance between my writing and the rest of my life, and fitting in my job alongside that. Even so I feel that I lost quite a lot of steam in the end, and have some catching up to do in pace. That said, I don’t want to get ill. I’d love to book some holiday as soon as the embargo is lifted. But there is a problem with that happy idea.

General. Election. To call this idea “inevitable” is a misreading of the situation. The course of events in the UK right now have no precedent in the history of this, or any other country. You could call it, an orderly chaos, a willing decent into madness of governance no matter which side you support, and the end of any sense of calm in politics. You know what I call it? A pain in the rear, because if the election gets called I need to book holiday, and if that’s a possibility I don’t want to take a restful break only to get that calm shattered a week later.

Stress from this, from work, from just not getting enough sleep and knowing I should be more careful about it, it all adds up. I’m “alright” at the moment, but in this mindset cranking out the vital words of VOL to keep the project at least somewhat on track becomes, well a lot trickier. I have 22,000 words to do in 27 days, including today as I haven’t written yet. That is 100% doable, and I doubt I’ll not meet it – though it’s possible. But with my brain melting and no ability to escape any of the above even for a day, I have had to take a break from VOL to get some sense of equilibrium back.

I’m going to set a timer on my phone tonight, and if by 10pm I haven’t gotten at least 300 words of VOL typed, I’m switching to a short story or something to hit target. Sleep comes before VOL, even if 1K comes before sleep. That’s a distinction I have to be strict in making if I want to not tank my physical and mental health. So on that note – as I’m eating into precious time – wish me luck.