August 30th, 2019 – 338

Hamilton is amazing. That is all.

…Ok no that’s not all, I will do an actual entry because on my current track record I’ll end up doing cop-out entries for the weekend. The show was, once again, amazing. We got to sit in a box which was a surreal experience, never done anything that fancy before. I bought far too much merchandise, as I felt last time I was far too controlled with my spending. I even managed to get a Hamilton pin, something I’ve hunted for for ages now and was starting to think didn’t exist, so snapped up right away.

I also bought a journal, and this has now become my answer to my mini essay the other day on short stories. You see, when I write a short story on Google Docs, it’s easy and takes little to no effort to push out, but that also minimises the attachment I have to it. Even a story like The Rope Broke which is always going to hold a special place in my heart as my first award winning story feels, odd, because it was written in a digital form first. I also never go back and edit my short stories.

Back before TUS 1.0, these roles were reversed. I wrote long (bad) stories on the PC, but I wrote my short stories on paper, as I did them at writing societies and didn’t bring a laptop. As such, I cringe looking at my old longer stories, but my old shorts I still enjoy. One day I may post The Kitten Sanctuary, though fair warning it’s the most gruesome thing I’ve ever written outside of The Wanderer. At least it’s written as a comedy and intended as shock humour, unlike the latter which is a disturbing self portrait of my own darkest flaws.

So this journal is going to emulate those days of old. I’ll start writing all my short stories in there first, and then transition them elsewhere. I may start with A Planet Named George, which is a short story I’ve wanted to write for months now and is pretty darn fitting to put in a Hamilton journal of all places. That makes me feel like I’m treating my short stories with the respect they deserve, and that makes me feel a lot better.

Right, I have a CDWC of 0 – this is the reason I don’t open with that all the time now, it’s a little depressing – but I’ll try and squeeze in some VOL between incoming students. I want to go to the shop tonight and play some Magic, or at least go on VC and play some Minecraft, so I want to get target done long before then. That way I can stay up if I want to, but don’t have to do my writing while sleep derped at 2am. Cya.