August 29th, 2019 – 337

It’s Hamilton day! I’ve been looking forward to today for so long it’s unreal. I’d wanted to go back and see the show again ever since I left the first time, and you bet it’ll be the same when I leave tonight. This is also gratifying for me as – due to no one getting to book holiday time at the moment – I did 5 hours free in-lieu to earn it. It still feels weird leaving the site when I am scheduled in, but at least I’ve been above board about it.

So writing! I, haven’t done any yet. That’s not my fault though, as today has been a super busy day, and I have done a lot of vital work over the last hour and a half. That too leaves me feeling better about leaving sooner. I’m giving the college their money’s worthwhile I’m here. That said, I do want to try and hit 1K on the train. That’s no easy feat, but it’s not out of the question. I wrote the last 3,000 words of TSS’s first draft on a train journey back from Harry Potter World in 2014.

So I have 23,000 words to go for VOL to be all typed up, and 19 days until my sort of deadline. That’s ok, as three 1,300 days buys me one of the mission ones, so that’ll close some of the gap if I do it. You’ll notice though that would mean I’d need to write 1,300 words 12 out of the 19 days. That, is less plausible. I should stress I am not attached to that deadline. I still stick by my old mantra of “it gets done when it gets done”. But I would still like to try and make that deadline.

The reason I bring it up is, well, you saw how I got towards the end of WHT. I’m wary, as I know I can chain days like that, and I do also know that I shouldn’t. Jeez, I need to lay off the italics aaaaand I just spotted the creepy double f thing again. *shudder*.

Ok, that paragraph went off-topic. Ahem. So if I want to stay on track, I need to write about 1,200 words a day. That as you know is a breach of 1K, as I shouldn’t assign myself larger word totals outside of one-shots. Even then I shouldn’t push myself to do it unless I’m already on a roll. So here is my compromise: the 27th. In a way, this is a far more fitting deadline for VOL’s typed draft.

Why? Because that’s the day, in less than a month now, that 1K turns 1 year old. You know what? I am a-ok with delaying the deadline for that sweet symbolism.