August 28th, 2019 – 336

Target hit again before blogging. Ok so I would most of the time like to have my blog post done and dusted by 10:30 at the latest, but as I was chipping away large chunks of VOL in my downtime between jobs at work, I decided to hold off until  I had target. This was for two reasons. First, it’s nice to come on here and say “all done!” as oppose to “will be done really soon(tm).” Second, it’s a motivator to clear the 1K threshold sooner rather than later, and doing so gives me more of my evening.

I’m getting broadband! I managed for months without it but at long last I’m being nice to myself and going “Ok, I can justify £30-40 a month” instead of working off mobile data. In the meantime I am working through DVDs of vintage episodes of The Simpsons to save data at home. Boy do I wish I had access to that at work because they are great to listen to in the background, but I do have YouTube at work for that.

Now I’m past the visual layer in VOL, I feel a lot more at ease with the story. The whole thing needs a top to bottom rewrite, but that’s fine and will happen between now and a full upload. Also, when I have an uploaded story it’s in my interest to go back and make tweaks. If you make a certain number of them over the course of a year, they become eligible for the next year’s Wattys, and when I’m rolling at full speed I want to have 4-5 books entered each year into that, pretty much until they can’t ignore me anymore.

On that note, I have not done enough reviewing sprees, any in fact for a long time now. That’s really bad, as it means I’ll fall off people’s radar. A combination of fatigue from work being far too intense these last few months and me rediscovering hobbies that I like to do at home are to blame. The former, well that’s life, if my writing takes off I can leave a lot of that behind. The latter is hardly a bad thing, it’s good that I am making more time for leisure.

All that said, I need to catch up on my reviews. The reason I’m not treating it with a shedload of urgency this minute is because when TUS is all uploaded, people will be more inclined to read start to finish. I’ve had several comments to the tune of “yeah it’s on my list, I’m just waiting for it to be complete”, which is fair enough. When I have a few complete books up, say three, I think I’ll hook more serial readers. For now though I do need to work on cultivating more.

I should focus on the positives. I am with luck going to hit 50 followers by the end of TUS. My Amazon giveaway promotion will help boost those numbers a bit and get people’s attention for VOL’s first chapter. We’re on track, and to be honest all of these goals are arbitrary. The focus is on making sure I keep engaging with the platform, and while yes I’ve slowed a bit I am still doing that. On that note, it’s time to upload the next chapter of TUS. Cya.