August 26th, 2019 – 334

I haven’t gotten anywhere near enough sleep last night and I am feeling pretty darn awful for it. I’ve still got to do my writing for the day and I think I should do something that isn’t VOL or TSS to get some headspace, then sleep as early as I can. I’m such a mess at this point that even if it ruins my sleep cycle more I won’t feel it.

I finished typing up chapter 5 yesterday, so the first 22-23 chapters of the shorter chapter structure. It’s shy of 50k by about 122 words, so I’m sorely tempted to do that, but I have to put my foot down for my health. If I don’t I’ll crash hard by Thursday and I do Not want that.

I’m going to Hamilton on the 29th, and if I’m too ill or tired to enjoy it I will be cross at myself. I want to go work on writing so I can sleep but I can’t this second. So I’m thinking I might try and write to target sitting here on my phone. Hopefully I’ll have target by 7pm, and then I’ll sleep for over 12 hours. I need to,I can’t afford not to.

I’m stressed and tired and sick of my sleep being messed up. I want to go sleep, I want to go rest and I can’t. But such is life, gotta deal with it and make the most of what I can get. For now I’ll try and hot target on Google Docs and go crash later. On that note, wish me luck.