August 25th, 2019 – 333

Can’t focus, just a ball of frustration at the moment. However I’ve now done 2 poor entries in a row so let’s not make it three. While no one really reads this thing it’s about integrity, and it’s bad enough I had a post midnight entry, let alone two stubs.

There’s no real reason for me to be stressed. Not having internet has become more of an issue now I’m more active online, and I need to budget for some internet now. I’ll figure that out soon but not right now, I don’t need that added stress.

Tomorrow isn’t a work day, but I think I should write a non VOL piece tonight to break the chain. The stress of That work isn’t so good for me. I’m far more efficient but I’m on a hair trigger at all times and I do not like that.

This isn’t a long entry, but I wanted to give some context. I’ll try and rest up tomorrow too and with luck I’ll be a bit more in control of myself soon.