August 22nd, 2019 – 330

I’m on 6 hours sleep as I had to go into work early again. The good news is no more of that will happen for a long time now. This was also the last of the time in lieu I needed to bank, so we’re all square once again. The bad news is I am exhausted and good luck getting any more work done today. It’s a good thing I’m so far ahead of schedule.

I’m a little peeved that my sleep schedule got torpedoed time and time again over this month. But I have plans to square that debt, all in in good time. For now I will concerntrate on keeping my tasks afloat and getting through to Friday. I would do my usual “book holiday on the Friday of a bank holiday weekend” trick, but no one is able to book holiday. 

Even though I’m feeling frustrated and a teeny bit vindictive, I’m in control of all the strands of my life. That’s true at least for the time being, and touch wood I’m pretty sure we’re climbing out of the crater now, not falling. The enrolment period will test that in a multitude of ways, but there’s no huge causes for concern yet.

I wrote another 1K of VOL last night; for now it’s proving a simple exercise. How long I’ll keep this streak going for god only knows, but I have to write in the moment, not fret about the future too much. I can at least gurantee that I have all my content to upload ready to go minus last minute tweaks right up to Christmas.

I need to start planning Christmas gifts on that note. That sounds super organised, but that does not gurantee I’ll have presents sorted soon. I’ve been trying to plan mum’s birthday present for months and I still haven’t found the right gift. This is something I get far too hung up on, but I do like to get it right. Not like with writing where I can redraft it later.

Got to survive two and three quarter hours and I can rest. I don’t have a ‘quiet’ evening, but it will be a tad less stress inducing. At least I have this blog to help organise my thoughts in. Funny in a way, as even though it’s a ‘break time’ thing, it’s one of the most impotant tools I have for focus and control of my work. Who knows, maybe someone will read it one day too.