August 21st, 2019 – 329

Keep chaining 7 hour nights this week, less than ideal. It’s not the worst chain I’ve ever had, but I did notice a quirk when reviewing my data for the last month. I have not managed to fall asleep before 11PM once since the end of July. That is, less than ideal. It also matches in perfection with another certain event. Put this way: since starting the WattCafe Minecraft server, I haven’t slept before 11 once.

Do I need a stricter curfew? So far as I can see, that is the only option at this point. If I could do my writing before the evening I’d be able to sleep much sooner. That’s easy to say, harder to implement. I do this blog in a quick 10-minute session near the start of the day. Then I use my lunch break as downtime, though only about 15 minutes. That leaves a slither of time I could appropriate to write, but I get engrossed in work and forget.

VOL is going well. A lot of the writing in the last few days has been brand new content. I knew I was not happy with this chapter when I wrote it first, and you can see that by scrolling back to the start of this blog. That would be a neat activity for you to try if you weren’t figments of my imagination, but hey ho. I’m sure you still appreciate my foresight.

I keep having evenings where I say to myself “heck yes, I can do 5k tomorrow!” and then I wake up and I’m dead. I do not cave and let myself write late into the night, but man do I wish I did. Heck, I do that with Minecraft. Thing is I shouldn’t do that for anything, as much as I crave to complete VOL and jump into TSS full time. I need to start focusing on my health in the same way I do on my writing again.

One week until Hamilton. I’m glad I’m not trying to finish VOL’s typed draft before then. It’s a day I can look forward to and not overthink, which is how it should be. Slow and steady, the finish line is in sight. For now, that’s September 17th. Or, whenever it is ready.