August 19th, 2019 – 327

Despite a weekend that pushed my mental faculties to the limit, I am fine. It’s rather embarassing when you consider how little happened how stressed I got. But then again, it’s not what happened over the weekend. No, it’s the stress that I’ve accumilated for weeks now without any real attempt at defusing. I want to figure this out, but I’m a little stuck in the middle of events.

Enrolment begins at the college this week. I have most of what I need in place for it, but I need to get my head on straight if I don’t want to burn out in the first few days. I’m closer to that point than I would like to admit, to the point typing this blog entry is taking more work than it should. That doesn’t bode well for typing VOL, and only gets worse when you consider what I’m typing.

The current chapter of the story is the one I am the least happy with. It’s a complex one to get right, as it’s a different take on the featureless room like the first chapters. The actual events are in theory the most spectacular of the book, but the trick will be capturing that. A lot of the character’s actions are passive, and I need to ensure the dramatic tension stays ratcheted up.

I checked our online markbooks today. As it stands, I am the only participant on the writing course. I hope that more people sign up, I do not want to lose that as a thing to look forward to. This is not least because if all goes well, I will make the day of the course starting the deadline for VOL’s type up.

A lot going on in my head this week. I need to dwell on options and outcomes less, and focus more on not drowning. Being able to breathe is good.