August 16th, 2019 – 324


When I get home tonight, I will set a timer on my phone. That timer will be for two hours, and in those two hours I will play Minecraft. This is not a preward. 

I’ve not gone into a lot of detail on here yet about why I dislike prewards. Suffice to say, an indulgence before you do a meaty task does not increase willpower. Now on the face of it, what I’ve described above sounds like the definition of a preward. Up until last night, I would have 100% agreed with you on that front. That’s not least because I lost track of time and hit target in the early hours a lot of the time.

It turns out the distinction is subtle. I – ok sorry, real quick side note here. I just noticed that when you put two fs next to each other, the font I’m using to edit this adjusts the height of the first f. I assume this is to improve readability but it is triggering me on so many levels. Time to change the third word of the paragraph to distinction. 

Ahem. Turns out the distinction is subtle. I am not prewarding the writing. I’m rewarding the eight hours I spent at work doing my job. It never occured to me that I don’t care about money – despise it in fact. When you combine that with not getting paid until the end of the month, and it’s no wonder I’m burning out. You have to reward hard work in some form.

Willpower is a finite resource. You have to find ways to work with the stress of the mundane day to day if you are to have the mental space to be creative. Sure, I’ve gotten by so far without that, but why? Why force it when I can make this so much easier, and improve my wellbeing?

If I produce 1K between TSS and VOL each day, I will reach my last deadlines of the year with time to spare. I’ll make this much more pleasent if I treat myself with a smidge more compassion in the process. Right, back to work for now. Gotta earn those mining sessions.