August 15th, 2019 – 323

Sorry for the late post. I know, I know, I post at gone midnight some days, so 1 isn’t that late, but I don’t like to post late. I had to go into work for 7:30 today, and my brain is in such a fuggy state that I’m struggling to get my tasks done for the day. I am on top of my workload and haven’t fallen behind anywhere, but the dread is there. 

So I did the maths, and worked out a neat little fact: if I treat VOL and TSS as one project, I need 114K to finish them. I have 120 days until my deadline. That means if I don’t want to work on one, I can work on the other. That’s pretty sweet, as the two projects could act as release valves for each other. Also, I suspect when my health bounces back, I’ll do more than a few multi-K days of TSS.

On the subject of my health, this obnoxious early start messed that around, but on the whole I’ve been doing great. My only major problem is a small amount of drama I’ve had to deal with within the WP community, but that should pass now. It’s not a big deal, but it has been an unneeded drain on my mental health. 

I want to rest, but I also want to write, and I want to go play on my PC at home. While I’m sleep deprived, those three are messing with my head and making it hard to concerntrate. It’s frustraring, but that’s a fact of life. None of those are that suprising. This is a pure annoyance rather than legitimate grievance.

I’m going to quarantine Sunday so that I get some time to myself. I’m knackered, and as much as I’m doing by best to stay positive, I am getting close to the f$@% it moment. An early night tonight will help a lot, but it does also mean I don’t get to go on the PC for as long. And, it’s all for naught if I don’t get my writing done before the late evening. 

Right, back to work. Oh, and I realised that I want like 200 bells in Minecraft. That would be fine, iiiiiiif you could craft them. Le sigh.