August 14th, 2019 – 322

My brief time off helped me gather my head again more than I realised. I had two days off, and in truth due to a degree of drama beyond my control I lost one of those days, yesterday to be exact. That’s a little annoying, but it happens, no sense getting upset over it. I’ve learned getting frustrated over even the recent past makes the present harder.

So onto writing, and on that score all is on track. I figured out the compromise I needed to balance TSS and VOL, and it is deceptively obvious: why not both? It sounds a little convoluted, but letting myself switch between the two in a more freeform way means a lot. For one, I can take steps away without losing productivity. If not more important then indespensable, it also means I can ditch the 28th deadline. 

Let me clarify what that 28th deadline was all about. When I wrote in the past, I found having an event that I must finish before made the motivation much easier to come by. Back in late March, I found out that we as a family were going to London in the evening of the 28th of August. Sounds nice right? But why the long term notice? That, was because we were going back to the room where it happened.

It shouldn’t come as too much of a suprise that I am a huge Hamilton fan. Given the characters in WHT and the fact I’ve gone on about it before now this shouldn’t be news. Getting to see it for a second time is a huge deal for me. This came as I felt myself stalling at the end of VOL, so I made a promise to myself, and that’s where this deadline emerged.

I would finish VOL and WHT before Hamilton. This one deadline spawned my release schedule, my dive into WattPad, and much more. One day I may look back at this Hamilton event as second only to September 27th in significance. But, it’s not infallable. I bit off far more than I could chew, but not in what I challenged myself to do that first day. After all, WHT and VOL are both long since at the 75K threshold.

No, later when I came up with my schedule, I told myself I could also type VOL before the 28th. If there’s one lesson I seem incapable of learning, it’s that I do not type fast. That’s where I am right now and I accept that I have this flaw. Sure, in future I will work on this a lot more, but that will take a long time. So I’m revoking on that commitment. 

I will though be releasing VOL on October 26th. If it takes me up until that day to finish the typing so be it, but I will endeavour to finish long before that point. But rather than burning myself out on VOL attempting that and then switching to TSS, again, why not both? Yes I know, on the surface that sounds more intense and stressful. In reality, dualing projects done right takes pressure off both. 

Yesterday I wrote the first sub-1K of TSS – 986 words, with 250~ of VOL too. I’ve, dreaded this project for a long while now, but on the prologue at least, it’s flowing smooth and clean. I will have to wait and see if that continues, but my confidence shot up when I started. Goes to show the old addage in all its forms is true: the easiest cure for fear of a blank page is words.