August 13th, 2019 – 321

Today was the deadline for WHT. I of course finished the story about a week and a half ago, so that’s great. Saying that, I now have a choice at this time on what to do next. I have two avenues, and I’m not sure which is the best option. Both are typing projects, and both have to be done soon. Interestingly enough, both deadlines are quite close.

TSS has a deadline of December 13th. That’s baked into the “new 75,000 word book every 4 months” model I’ve set myself as a lifelong goal. Oh and for the record, I’ll write longer stories one day, but alongside 75k ones. This won’t include collaborations.

Oh on that note, I really want to do a collaboration with someone on the WattCafe server. Not sure how that would work; it’d need to be someone else with zero pride of authorship. I can’t stand that trait in writers, and am glad I never succumbed to it.

Anyway aside over, the other option is typing VOL. Now here’s where that gets interesting: VOL is due at the tail-end of October. Now if I worked on VOL up to that point, I’d end up with only one month or so to do the entire TSS rewrite. But, VOL does have to be done by then.

At first glance, this decision makes itself: VOL is the priority. But that’s not the whole story. See, VOL needs to get done, but TSS needs far more work, and all the time I can give to it. But here’s where that gets interesting. I think that TSS won’t take me all that long at all, because a lot of it is going to be free-typing.

One to think on, but my gut tells me at least for the remainder of the month I should work on VOL. But one to think on.