August 12th, 2019 – 320

Right, first off, I am really sorry about the low quality and late posts of the last few days. I entered my first 4 day weekend in a long time just after finishing WHT, and my body and mind united to say “enough”. I pushed myself so hard to chain 24-ish days in a row of main story content, and that was without a doubt a colossal mistake. It doesn’t affect the release schedule – VOL will be done by the time I need to upload it – but it does mean that my health has plummeted.

Yesterday, I wrote a story so god awful, that I gave it the literal title of: “This is a really awful story, but hey it gets me to target”. And my god was that a breath of fresh air. My writing mantra opens with the line “Write one thousand words a day, and if they’re bad then that’s ok.” I keep forgetting that quality isn’t the focus, and that quality includes my speed of output. I can take as long as I darn well want to. If I write 1,000 words, then it counts. End of.

On that note, I wrote 1,000 words of typing up VOL today. Already. And now I get the whole rest of today just for me. No guilt, no sense I’m putting off my work on the story. Quota = done. It’s time to unwind. That’s how I got this far and I need to not lose sight of how important downtime is to productivity.  If I don’t, I risk losing both.