August 8th, 2019 – 316

When I switched to typing up VOL, I knew I was pushing my luck by aiming for 5K. It should be no suprise that this did not work out. I have enough data to know that alongside my immovable commitments – work, life – I stood zero chance. It does not help that, thanks to this damn back injury, I am exhausted.

But who cares? I have chained VOL each day so far for at least a thousand, so that’s huge! And that got me thinking. I’m now sitting at 33,000 words typed, and I have 20 days until my soft deadline. If I chain each day, which I cannot assume but still, that’s 53K. 22,000 words to type from there is a lot, but I suspect home stretch syndrome will kick in when I pass 50K.

So what is home stretch syndrome? You will have experienced it in some form at some point. In its simplest form, it’s breaking through the “wall”, and reaching the point it’s almost done. It’s having the winds at your sales pushing you over the finish line. You can tell how tired I am by that clusterfudge of metaphors.

Now, 22K isn’t quite the home stretch, but that’s where this weekend comes in. I may not bank anything for it, especially if my streak breaks, but if I do…

…To be honest, I’d settle for not breaking the chain.