August 7th, 2019 – 315

As much as I begrudge negative rules becoming the norm, the week in wake of large writing projects is a write off. I can’t spin it in any other way, my brain ends up fried. In a way, this week as bleugh as it’s been, bucked the trend. That’s because in spite of everything, I still hit 1K typing up VOL. The issue is that on paper, 1K isn’t enough at this point to shepherd out the finished product on deadline. 

So we’re in an odd patch. I do have some days off coming up which changes the dynamics of this a bit. If the 28th becomes the deadline instead of the 13th – only ever meant to be WHT’s deadline – I still leave a lot of time for TSS. That latter project has a deadline of December 13th.

The thing is I always knew this one time would be more of a crunch. I knew knew ever since we lost two weeks at the start of WHT to burnout, as VOL ended up finished right on the deadline. That left no room to recover, so a weak opening saw me have to scrap the whole thing and start over.

The good news is that won’t happen with TSS. While yes I plan on rewriting the whole story, and yes I will change a lot, the fundamentals are the same. I know the themes, and the pacing is what I worked on when I couldn’t stomach WHT in April – I didn’t waste those two weeks. 

What this all adds up to is VOL almost being the warm up act for TSS’s type up. If I keep up the pace – and if I write VOL today and tomorrow that’s 3 weeks straight of story content for 1K – it’ll be easy. Well, easy-ish. As it stands, I may have TSS all typed up by the end of October, more than doable on current pace.

If I manage that, then typing up WHT gets a whole free month. With these four typed up, and bar the final editing checks, I end 2019 with all my WattPad posts up to March 2021 good to go. That would be pretty darn good going, and while I can’t “slow down”, it takes that immediate pressure off.

Looking over my plan for the next 5 years, I am beginning to see it as less “doable”, and more “inevitable”. For any kind of publishing schedule to be inevitable for me is huge. Here’s hoping I have stories worth sharing by the time I get to the end of it and have to start something brand new. What a wonderful problem to have.