August 5th, 2019 – 313


Already hit target for today, so that’s neat. I’m sitting at 1,190 at the moment, which is all from typing up VOL. Still I would like to try and get it all done by the 13th, which means instead of a thousand, I would need to type 5,000 words. That sounds insurmountable, but in reality, that is an attainable goal. I still can stop at any time I want now I have target, but typing is so much easier than writing by hand. And as I am typing up an existing story it’s even faster. 

Last night I did not take a night off from main story writing after all. With headspace and a relaxed evening, I spotted the detail the first draft of WHT lacked. I needed closure on one major point of the story. Without giving my imaginary readers spoilers, there was a perfect scene waiting to do the job. That’s because this particular scene happened in the real timeline.

So on health, my back has become screwed up. It almost made me late to work today which feels pretty awful, but I made it in with good time to spare. On sleep, I managed to get eight and a half hours, so that’s fantastic. The last month or so my mental health plummeted, and I stopped coping at all for some of it. So it’s gratifying I am pulling my head above water now. I still need a shave at this point and to chain a few better nights, but that’s doable.

I’m aware that thanks to mental health, crunch time on WHT and Minecraft, I’ve slacked on a major goal. That is, I have not been doing as much as I should to maintain my position in the WattPad community. That does need to change over the next few days. I did not enter the last Weekly WattPad Contest, but in my defence, I focused on WHT. That said, I need to enter the next one, and keep up appearances. I don’t have to win, I’ve already made a good mark by winning my first one. All I need to do is continue to be a supportive pillar to other writers.

Right, back to work, and here’s hoping I stop feeling so dizzy soon.