August 4th, 2019 – 312

0 to go. I finished William Howard Taft did Everything last night. I’m celebrating with prosecco and Armageddon chillis. Because why not.

I’ll write a short story or something a bit later, or something chill anyway. Focusing on myself for a bit now I’ve achieved my goal. But on reflection I totally get why I don’t feel right already being done. I’ll try not to push myself too hard next time, 1K should be at my pace.

That all being said, I’m starting to feel that rush of having a whole other book done. While I don’t wanna push myself to breaking point, the plan now is to finish typing VOL. It may just be until I hit the 13th it won’t feel real.

I just hope Taft would have found the story amusing. I think he would have.