August 2nd, 2019 – 310

Day off at last. I’m off to Rye with my family to go to an art show, which makes a nice change from a quiet day at home. The only issue might be writing, but I should have plenty of time in the evening for that.

On that note, I’m making a new rule after the last few disastrous nights of 3am Minecraft: 1) stop playing at 11pm, 2) only start once I have target in the bag. I will enforce that even if it means I don’t get to play as much, and yes it includes in the morning too. So if it’s 10am and I want to play, gotta write first.

3,000 to go. I’m not that happy with the wording of the last few thousand words, but that’s not a big deal. It could be when I rewrite those parts I do it from scratch with what I wrote as a vague guide. That’s not uncommon on short bursts, but a little more unconventional for full chapters.

Once I’ve had some distance and can look at the pacing in an objective way, I’ll want to cut and replace a lot of it. This is why I write my first drafts by hand, then rewrite the whole thing to type it. Gets rid of any worry about my writing being awful.

Still, here’s hoping when I write another 1K of WHT today it’s not awful…