July 31st, 2019 – 308

5,000 to go, but last night while I managed to write target with WHT, I ended up staying up far too late playing Minecraft. At the same time I’ve been desperate to get back into playing more games for, years really, so I am more than ok with that as a problem. Also, I am no longer playing it by myself, but with a bunch of other people on my own Realms server. That feels pretty sweet.

I like being in control of the server because it means I can set the tone, which is one of share and share-alike. I have found 12 diamonds so far and given away 6, with three still there for people to help themselves to. I enjoy playing the game like this because it encourages people to get creative and not worry about stepping on toes. Pretty happy with how the group has come together.

So onto writing. I am going to write a scene today that I’ve mulled over in my head for years now, one of the first concrete scenes of the whole story. That should make it a little easier to do, but at the same time, it could also make it tricky to find the right words. While I disagree with anyone dense enough to say “planned writing isn’t real writing”, especially as I’ve yet to meet a writer holding such exclusionary views whose work wasn’t hot garbage, when you’ve mulled a scene for too long it can make it hard to tie all those thoughts together.

The good news is I have only 2 days of work left this week, so getting to that Sunday finish line should prove well within my powers to do. The question then becomes how fast can I type up the 40,000 words of VOL? I think if I really focus, I can do that before the 13th, but I won’t be too hung up on it. If I blow past that deadline I’ll just aim for the 28th or Hamilton day as its fast becoming known within the family.

So 28 days to finish one book and type another. If you told me a year ago I was planning to do that, I am sure I’d say “hell yeah”, but my mind would fill on the spot with doubts, scepticism and premature frustration. Now, that’s not even a huge stretch for me. Sure it’s 2K a day, but I type so fast that if I did all my first drafts in digital form I’d already have switched to “2K a Day”. But handwriting is fun! If painful.