July 30th, 2019 – 307

If I isolated myself for a day and put my full focus into doing so, I could finish WHT in a day at this point. That’s pretty amazing, but I do not intend to finish up the story that way for a few reasons, as from my experience that is a sure-fire way to burn myself out. It’s so tempting to ignore reason and go for it, but I know if I do that I will end up losing time to a recovery period.

Right now I can’t afford to do that. I want to see if I can get all-of-or-close-to VOL typed up before that August 13th deadline. In between and after TSS I want to get WHT typed up too, as there is one person who is alarmingly keen to read it. It’s a bit nuts that I am slowly putting together a mini fanbase.

Ok, “fanbase” is a stretch. It’s closer to friends who only know me through my writing who enjoy my work as part of their reading habits. Sam you literally just described a mini fanbase, but ok there is a small difference. As of now, I am personally cultivating each of my fans and persuading them to read my work. “Fanbase” will be more like I have too many to individual cultivate. Also can we please stop using so many adverbs in this post?

I did not end up doing any extra fan cultivation yesterday, and today is RP so I am more focused on hitting target before the evening ahead of all else. I need to change this up though. If I want my readers to snowball then I have to press the digital flesh a little more than I am right now. I’ve now got the “Regular Customer” tag on Discord so that will help, but I need to take it up a long way from there.

But for now back to work, and here’s hoping I can keep the WHT chain going.