July 29th, 2019 – 306

Can I just say how nice it is to no longer have to use Twitter? It’s been only a handful of days since I decided no longer to bother with the wretched thing and I feel like a new person all over again. I think it was – at least right now – a pointless extra weight on my mind. If I ever really need it I’ll go back, but that place is so unpleasant to even look at.

So I haven’t written yet today, but I am quietly confident I’ll hit my 11th consecutive day in a row of working on WHT, which if I do brings the remaining word count down to 6,000. At that point, I really could write the entire rest of the story in a day. I don’t intend to do that unless something goes bad in the next few weeks, but there is a chance that if I pulled off a small miracle and chained this whole week, I could have the story done by Sunday.

So I’ve been giving some thought to the process for working on TSS, and I think I have a good model. I am going to print off my final beat-plan for the story and put it in the front of the annotated version I have at home. I’ll then take this with me best I can wherever I go, and type the story with reference to the original. That means I’ll be changing just about every line as I go.

TSS sits at 41,000 words in that printed form, which on paper (heh) means that it should be a slam dunk to finish it well within the deadline. The only problem with that optimistic outlook is I haven’t touched the story in earnest for something like 5 years. That should be a good thing, as it will allow me to be ruthless in remodelling it. But it will also be gruelling to wade through my old prose and cringe at the many, many errors.

But for now, that and the typing up of VOL and WHT are off in the distance. I have a goal in front of me to focus on and I feel ready to tackle it. If I really knuckle down, I may have four typed 75,000-word stories by the end of this year, where at the start I had one that required tweaks. Still boggles my mind.

Yesterday I bid goodbye to my personal journal. For the last 301 days until last night, I wrote one private entry every single day of 1K starting from the 5th. I numbered the pages yesterday, and flipping through, it was funny to me how with a few tweaks, certain days written out as 3rd person perspective and a pinch of creative licence, you really could make that journal into its own novel.

I’m on the fence about doing that right now, but it is a heck of a story. Guess I’ll see what new challenges lie ahead first. But it’s nice to look back and see that I finally became the person I wanted to be.