July 23rd, 2019

300 days. By the time I hit target today, 1K will have lasted for three hundred lots of my thousand-word minimum. Doing the maths that – funnily enough – adds up to 300,000 words in the last just under a year. In reality, there have been plenty of days – including yesterday – where I wrote far in excess of that total. Last night I hit exactly 1,600 words, which with the 400 or so I had floating since my last count up, brings WHT to 62,000 words in length.

I started WHT from scratch in late April, so in just under three months to have that total, I’ve averaged over 20,000 words a month, with the remaining 10k~ from each of those being short stories, VOL and TUS additions, and various smaller pieces. I sound like a bit of a broken record, but that is still insane to me.

This time last year, I had one “finished” novel with too-long chapters, one 40k mess that needed tidying, and a bunch of ideas, and that was the sum total of what, 6 years of half-hearted work? I would write in bursts for a few months and then, nothing. And now, I have a 45,000-word encyclopedia of my extended universe, one fully edited novel, and two ready or almost to type up.

That 40k~ mess though, that’s still here and is what I will be picking up as soon as WHT is done. That is The Spectrum Sings (TSS), a novella in its current form of that length, but will be getting the same treatment as all my other books. What will make this one interesting, is how I will be developing it.

Any long term imaginary readers will remember months ago when I got this story all printed up in a form I could annotate. I’ve chipped away at this bit by bit, though not much of it so far. Come August 13th, I will be typing this whole previously typed up story again from scratch, and extending it as I go.

This gets particularly interesting when you consider this likely won’t take anywhere near the full allotted time of 120~ days. In fact, it should all be done by November. So I have a question to mull: given I’ll be on track, and have a free month, do I jump right into my next story – The First Stroke (TFS) – orrrrr, do I attempt NaNoWriMo?

My gut says the former. I imagine there is so much noise around NaNoWriMo that it’ll be tough to stand out for it. Also, I don’t like rushing stories. I give myself four months at the moment, and my goal one day would be one month, but that’s for if I ever do this full time. At that point to make a livelihood I’ll need to do one a month.

So why torture myself for a sub-par first draft that won’t be part of my main series? Unless I come up with a great answer to that question, I cannot do NaNoWriMo. That, and I don’t want to. But I do need to raise my profile. The Discords are a good start, but there is a level of toxicity that wards me off. You know where this is going, so let’s load the forums now and try, try, to make sense of them.