July 12th, 2019

This was a smooth week. I have gone through several abysmal slogs over the last couple of months, but it took far too long to identify the problem: not enough me-time. It then took longer still to act on that suspicion. Now that I have, I feel like a whole new person, and I will never let that slog occur again.

A curious point that I took note of was how taking multiple days of holiday in a row caused a more detrimental than positive effect. By falling out of sorts, I end up thrown out of kilter. This is going to be tested to its limit at the end of this year, where the powers that be decree a two-week mandatory holiday.

Coming back into the here and now, I did a recalculation of WHT yesterday and determined that an additional 2,000 words across the project as a whole needed to be accounted for. That means I now have 33 days to complete 23,000 words. I knew I had 500 words unaccounted for, and planned to allow a 500-word day to count as a full one to offset it. I never dreamed I could have missed four times as many.

Moreover, this was on a conservative estimate of 320 words per page. I am fine with this inconsistency as I will be cutting plenty on the rewrite. That being said, if I were to account for an additional ten words per page – not an unreasonable assumption – this is an additional 1,600 words. This puts WHT at about 53,000 to 55,000 words.

I just, I want to let that sink in for a moment. I finished writing VOL in April, and tomorrow it will be three months since I did so. I originally set myself the goal of finishing the first draft of WHT tomorrow, but it blows my mind a little how efficient I have become at cranking out story content. I still want to get to writing novels in three months – or six for 200,000-word works, which I will do a few of eventually, it’s just I prefer shorter novels – but the progress is a little bit mindblowing.

The quality of the writing itself is improving too. Thanks to apps like Hemingway and Grammarly – the latter of which I was a sceptic of but have come around on in recent weeks – my work has gained a far more professional voice. I still want to improve my writing in certain areas – less passive voice in first drafts, better sentence length pacing, and better pacing for shorter chapters as I am not happy with how Unreachable’s reformed chapters read.

Even with that list of improvements I want to make, I cannot believe where I am right now. Turns out you don’t need to be published to feel this sense of satisfaction.

Oh, one more thing. Up to this point, when I tweet my word count and I have hit target, I list the number of days plus one to include the next. In my head that made sense at the time – and meant I could list 200 next to my birthday when really the day itself was day 199 – it’s confusing. Going to stop doing that for the sake of clarity.

That means the CDo1K includes the day I am writing on, even if I have not hit target yet. It’s still a day of 1K even if I haven’t, so long as I do before I go to sleep. Anyway I wanted to clarify that and clean things up. That means I have written for 288 days in a row, and when I finish today’s work it will be the 289 you see in the tweet. If you don’t use twitter, this aside was pointless to an extreme. Oops.