July 11th, 2019

The flat is immaculate and I love it. It wasn’t too bad before, but I bought a pizza and burned all 1,700 calories running around doing all kinds of little tweaks and tidies. It is looking fantastic and more importantly, I have my office back. I let it get a little overrun as a storage space, but now it is inviting and waiting for me. That is such a weight off my shoulders to have another small space to escape to for writing.

Today I ended up not charging my phone overnight. That was fine as I wake up at the correct time out of routine, but a little annoying now as it means I don’t have my note-taking capabilities online at my desk. I have a small Bluetooth keyboard that I use to write up small Trello notes and tasks in between bursts of work. But on the whole, I feel fantastic.

It is a nice feeling in control again. And all it took was a weekend to myself. So I am going to be much more pushy about landing more of those.