July 10th, 2019

Today was a testament to my priorities being in order. It would be more accurate to say this applies to the last 24 hours, and that I have shown the true power of 1K and why it is such a lifechanging force in that time. This included but was not limited to eating right, getting to bed at a reasonable time, and giving all the events along the way the appropriate level of engagement.

Turns out RP was cancelled yesterday and I missed the message. This still ended up as a positive as I got to catch up with close friends I don’t get to see anywhere near enough, and loved every minute of it. These are the kind of people who I would never begrudge seeing but that fate aligns in such a way that I don’t as often as I should. Just one thing I need to fix.

By the time I got home, I had a 1,800 calorie deficit, where I am meant to have no deficit at the moment, with the odd “over” day. That equals a pizza, and I had the budget for one. So I had duck and topped that up with some unprocessed top-ups. I would never have been able to show that kind of reserve in the past, so that was a huge win.

And here’s the kicker: I let myself go down a life on WHT, because I had written a short 2K long story earlier that day, and getting rest was the priority. I feel great about that choice and much less tired now, so it was the absolute right choice. Even if I were to miss deadline by one day, I would still not regret that day one bit.

On that note, I think I need to rethink the semantics of the lives system. I should avoid expending them for no good reason, but I am allowed to expend them when I need to. In a way – apologies for the Magic reference – I need to start looking at life as a resource. In a way it always was one: they are the release valves. So all in all, I think I need to see expending lives as less taboo, and more occasional pleasure or need.

I’ve not felt this in control for a long while. I also think with a bit of good fortune I should be able to finish WHT by deadline even with these needed days. It is also worth remembering that my old efficiency rating was 66% of days I hit target with just my main story, and now it’s 71%. It’s not the dream of 80%, but it’s pretty darn impressive all the same. I feel good.