July 9th, 2019

They banned the correct card! Yay! They also banned the centrepiece of my Commander deck. Yay? Well no I am fine with that, but it does mean that I need to change my profile banner on my Twitter. The fact my picture is framed by a Paradox Engine is a teensy bit awkward after that. But hey, I am sure I can figure out a decent replacement.

So despite opening with an unrelated Magic news segment, yesterday was probably the most significant day of my professional writing career to date and a huge upheaval of what has been the norm until this point. By that, I mean I changed the structure of my chapters across all my projects, from 3,000-to-4,000-word chapters, down to 1,000-to-2,000-word chapters.

This changed was based on feedback from those I asked to review my work, and from continued research into what makes for success on WattPad. I think that my writing works just fine as shorter chapters, so there is no subconscious resistance. The downside was that by splitting my existing chapters, I have now spawned several chapters with fewer votes by some way than those they sit next to.

On the whole, I feel good about how the WattPad experiment is going. TUS is up to 61 votes now, and with 14 followers if I can leverage things right, I should have a few hundred votes by the end of the story. We will see, but I am happy that I made the switch, and decided to do so early enough that the pains involved were, in the grand scheme, minimal.