July 8th, 2019

As a writer, today is looking like a great day. I feel refreshed, ready to hit my workload at a run, which means I will be rearing to go to hit target as soon as a good moment presents itself. As a Magic player, I have not been this nervous in a very long time. I’m waiting on the announcement along with everyone else, and hoping Wizards doesn’t kill a third of Modern by banning Faithless Looting.

Ok, so that’s my weekly “alienate my imaginary readers with Magic talk” segment out of the way. I am looking on track to finish WHT within my deadline as it stands, which is August 13th. The hard deadline is August 28th, as I said to myself months ago that I wanted to have the first draft of VOL and WHT in the bag before I went to go see Hamilton again. I can say with certainty now, that will happen.

On WattPad I have made great progress. I will keep reviewing and engaging, cultivating friendships and making connections. I’m following all the advice I could find, and as far as I can tell it’s got me on a winning trajectory. My stretch goal is 50 followers by the end of serialising TUS, at which point I’ll do an Amazon Giftcard giveaway to boost my followers. And just as a thank you to be honest.

The only major hurdle I have left at the moment is how bad of a mess my flat has become in the last couple of months. I got overwhelmed, and when that happens mess builds up as I get too tired to tidy. So my stretch goal this week is to pick away at that bit by bit until I have the rubbish backlog under control.

Finally, today could be an exciting day, if anyone turns up. I am running Taking Control of Work at the college, an introductory session to overhauling personal organisation and feeling empowered in the workplace. It’s been my passion project for months, and this will be the first session that I run to a larger group than 2 or 3. Assuming that is, more than 2 people show up, or anyone for that matter. I guess we will see.