June 16th, 2019

Ok, so tomorrow did not go well for writing. I’d claim “today will be different” but something tells me such statements are jynxed from the start. So instead I’ll say that I hope to feel relaxed and at ease by the end of this day, focused on hitting the ground running this week.

Running is the key part here, as I have now chained several days of non-WHT content, and have to offset it with a streak of content twice as long. No I’m not kidding, that’s how dire an extended break at this stage is; I lost a month of content don’t forget.

If I’m to assume I lose today too – not certain, I might go to Skylark later – then I have serious ground to make up. For now though I want to focus on playing some Minecraft. You know the last time I spent more than 20 minutes of a day on a video game? February. As you might guess, I failed yesterday…

June 15th, 2019

I slept for 13 hours. Yeah I think it’s safe to say I was run down. For that matter I still am, and this is going to be a quiet day if it kills me. Sadly I don’t get to spend it on my own but you can be damn well sure I’m not doing anything that requires effort.

That is except writing 1K of WHT, because I can’t chain too many days of other content. I think that’s fine though, but right now imma go play some Minecraft.

June 14th, 2019

Well that went horribly wrong. I decided to be social yesterday instead of resting up. To give you some idea of how much that backfired, I nearly had to call in sick today. As it is I can just about function, but I am what you might call “critical” right now, whereby if I don’t start easing off the “always available, always on” mentality, then I am going to crash hard imminently.

Did not manage to write WHT yesterday with all that, so I have another short story to link below. I am feeling pretty positive about my “Living Earth Mythos”, though all the short stories so far are A) too short, and 2) in need of quality/consistency rewrites. Having this little sub-series going on is heartening for me, as even if it is not a full blown project yet I’m still growing two different worlds side by side. That is a first for me.

Right, so today is a bit quieter, so if I can keep my head together and make it to 5 then I can squeeze out another short – I don’t hold out much hope for WHT when I am like this – and then I am going to sleep at 8. Enough of this mess. The last three months have been so unpleasant, but I am glad that despite everything I am still churning out content at a reasonable rate considering an intense full time job.

Now if only people were reading it…

June 13th, 2019

Yesterday WHT reached 30,000 words in length. All told that puts the halfway point the equivalent of a short chapter – 8,000 words – within grasp. This is pretty exciting for me all told as I have never successfully chained two projects like this. While I am not going to attempt NaNoWriMo later this year unless I hit the ground running with TSS right after, I almost don’t need to.

This is because for me my writing is not about publicity. I would like to be able to turn writing into my full time profession, but I would continue to write even if I had to chain multiple jobs for enough income alongside it. I’m grateful that for now I balance with one mainstream job, but all the same if writing was my job – which to be honest is how I now see it in my head – I imagine I would be achieving mini NaNoWriMos throughout the whole year.

I managed to claw my sleep routine back into shape yesterday by writing from 5-6pm. I opened my journal as soon as I was off the clock, and took that following hour to correct my progress. My plan is to do the same today, and match that with a significant early night, say 8pm. If I manage that, I may be able to try to kick off my early walk/write plan I have been sitting on all this time.

I am considering my next steps if the above works too. If I am able to produce 1K earlier in the day once again in a more sustainable way, then I think I should follow that up with more short story writing. If I publish these as an anthology to WattPad then it allows me to build more attention with more frequent updates. I think for this to be feasible I would need to have a bank of at least 20, with the idea being to release two a week alongside main content for 5,000 to 6,000 words a week.

Merits more thought.

June 12th, 2019

I have an Urza at last!

Ok this time no paragraphs of Magic gibberish. I am so shattered, and really it’s my own fault. I keep doing my daily writing far too late, and that chains exhaustion together to the point I end up in a permanent state of fatigue. In the last ten days I have not managed eight hours of sleep for a night once. By this point I am coming close to non-functional.

I think for now this kills any side projects or any thought of NaNoWriMo. I am no where near ready for the intensity that dual wielding would entail. I want to get to that point, will need to in fact to make any money from this endeavour; quality quantity consistently delivered will be the long term means of building an audience.

The last two days I have managed tiny fractions of WHT, and otherwise wrote two short stories. I have linked to them below, and both are pretty rough at the moment. For some curious reason I keep writing horror in short form. I think the shorter medium is better for lulling false security then wrenching it away, at least for me right now.

I hope today marks me lifting myself out of this rut.

New Short Stories:

The Hungering Fruit

The Rumble Below

Both of these are, ok. They’re interesting starts, but neither is of fantastic quality yet. If I keep doing horror shorts on the side then there is some potential for a “living world” mythos being developed over time. One to think about. I will probably see if I do a few more, then if I start finding the series’ voice I may serialise these on WattPad alongside the main series.

June 11th, 2019

I had an awful night, but today I am driven and I have a little project I wanted to work on, so I’m going to do that for target today and squeeze in WHT if I have time. It is far better that I hit target early today and get some sleep than nail 1,000 words of the story, because I am out of sync at the moment and need to look after myself.

I won’t say any more about it yet, but I think it could be a really interesting side project. It may come to nothing, but it could also be a really great publicity piece. The one thing it will be missing if I follow through is the music. Maybe that is a small clue, but we will see. At the very least it should be a great piece of practice.

I have kept my routine in tact through the exams period, but now I should have a shot at pushing for the morning walk/writing model I discussed a short while ago. We will have to wait until tomorrow morning to see if it works, but I have cautious optimism.

June 10th, 2019

Almost nothing I talked about yesterday as plans happened. That turned out to be fine for the most part, because I helped my sister with a project, worked on WHT for 1K in the evening, and inbetween played Magic at Mana as I decided to buy a box of Modern Horizons instead of Urza.

The main two reasons for this were I prefer opening sealed product and playing pack wars or maybe drafting, and becauseĀ nobody opened a freaking Urza. Seriously what is he a Masterpiece series card? I can’t be too mad as the box by my random stupid luck may not have contained an Urza, but had literally every other card I was hoping to get.

Ok so now I have alienated the 100% of my audience that does not play Magic: The Gathering – psyche! Can’t alienate readers you don’t have. That’s cooking with money. Seriously I did not get enough sleep last night so I am a bit weird today – then, wait no I am sorry I can’t just make an aside that long and slip back into the first sentence all natural. This paragraph is an unmitigated disaster.

Ahem. Now that I have alienated everyone with Magic and, well ^ that, I have to say Taft is starting to move from that mental space where projects live pre-30K of “I want to write this” to “I want to finish this”. That tipping the scales moment means I now don’t feel in quite the same uphill struggle as I did at the project’s outset.

I have a little over sixty days to finish the story within my ideal deadline, at which point I start work on TSS. This then presents an interesting opportunity. I alluded yesterday to how little I want to write WAN, and then pondered doing it for NaNoWriMo. And to be honest that is not a bad idea at all.

There are two reasons for this and one against. The first reason to do it is it gets the wretched thing out of the way. I have to write it because I have to get it out of my head, and it’s important to the story’s cannon. The second reason is NaNoWriMo – assuming anyone follows it anymore – might be good for publicity.

The argument against however is a good one: traditionally, November is my worst month for mental health and stability. While no initiative like my 1K project has ever been this wildly successful, several past projects have crashed and burned with me as collateral in this month. I knew 1K was a keeper when it weathered the month without a scratch last year.

But is forcing myself to endure my most hated story tempting fate? That’s what I have to decide. But even if I choose not to risk it, it’s not like I can run from my demons forever.