June 28th, 2019

The last two and a bit months that I have spent on this latest project have been eye-opening. I never expected that the process of jumping from one project directly into another would be easy, and to be frank I did expect it to be harder than it has been. Yet somehow even though it has been easier than I expected, it still knackered me.

As you can probably tell from the above paragraph I am still a bit drowsy. I apologise in advance for any broken English that slips out. I have to my credit however not lost a life since Wednesday, as I managed to produce just over a thousand words of WHT before I left work. If I can go quiet into the hour after work ends I can squeeze that out it seems.

So that brings us to today, where things get interesting. You see, I finish today at 4pm, which means I can start writing at that time. The questions are: is the library going to be open; if not will I be comfortable writing at my desk; will I manage to finish it all and leave by 5? If the answer to that last one is yes, then I will be going straight to Mana and then enjoying a day to myself on Saturday.

With luck, I will get a large amount of the anger that has been screwing with me out of my system and find some level of peace. I do not like being full of rage all the time. Here’s hoping I can turn things around and get a grip over the weekend. It seems unlikely, but I have pulled off bigger coups over this year.