June 26th, 2019

I need to stop getting so grim about my free time. Reading back yesterday’s entry I couldn’t not cringe at how whiny and petty it sounds. I shudder to think about what I’d make of it if I had not removed the more rage-fuelled passages. This is the one disadvantage of the blog taking over from the old private ranting documents I used to write called “Extra Ideas”. At least there my moaning was private.

Still never mind, I am going to have days where I am full of anger. There was a great tweet I saw yesterday that I want to have on a t-shirt at some point:

Revenge is probably the one I stand closer to. I dislike just how bitter and rage-fueled I am under the surface but it’s nice to know I am far from the only one.

Uploading Chapter 6 of TUS today to WattPad. That means we are almost at the close of Act 1 of the story, and to be honest I have more votes and views than I expected by this point. I need to do more interacting on the forums, but they are so packed and overflowing that I am not sure where to start. I do need to though, and read a bunch of stories too to make some friends and get more active in the community.

Right back to work. At some point, I also need to become more active on Twitter, but that is a task that I am kicking down the road as long as I damn well can.