June 21st, 2019

I ended up feeling obliged to do some team training yesterday instead of finishing 1K at my desk after work. Considering that it’s a little surprising that I managed to write a thousand words of WHT yesterday, 600 of the total number I did being written after 22:50.

That being said, I prioritised getting enough sleep over last night, and that saw me getting up at 27 past 8. In return, I managed 7 hours 59 minutes, so sixty seconds less than my sleep target which is a teeny bit infuriating. It also meant I went straight from home to my work desk, hence my CDWC.

Rather than going for a walk at 12 today, I am going to go do some writing in the library. Then after work I will write up to 1K, and go home to rest. No 7pm bedtime today, I will be up playing Minecraft for a while, but I will try not to push it too late.

I have an Axion Team Trio tournament on Sunday, so I will be knackered after that. On giving that inevitable outcome some thought, I decided to give in and use one of my six remaining holiday days on Monday. Fingers crossed this sees me stay on track.