June 19th, 2019

My writing is going much better now. For several weeks I have been struggling with late night bursts to hit target, and the knock-on effect has cost me so much sleep. this week I have had one day that fell below eight hours, and that day was Monday. I still managed 7 hours and 37 minutes that day, so a respectable total.

So sleep is a key part of 1K being as efficient as it can be. I find myself still having to push for that last 150 to hit target each day at the moment, and that makes sense. While I have gotten a high average amount of restful sleep, I am still recovering from my latest mental hiccup. That takes time, but I am confident now about how to go about breaking those chains. When I start to feel overwhelmed, I write a short story to hit target really early, then I go to sleep super early.

On that note, I still need to design some kind of “lives” system for WHT, as well as produce 650 more words for the story. I know that looks like too much, but I picked up the rest of today’s current total with some tweaks to Chapter 5 of TUS, which I am uploading to WattPad later today. In the meantime, I have a gap between work tasks to plan how this ‘lives’ system would work.

As of yesterday I have eight weeks, or from and including today 56 days to finish WHT. The story sits at about 32,000 words, maybe 33,000. That means I have thirteen ‘lives’ – days I can afford to not be writing the story and still hit my deadline. As at present I am writing near-enough exactly 1,000 of the story a day I won’t complicate things with “gaining lives”.

I have also decided that rather than push myself up against the deadline, I should have the appearance of a much tighter deadline. As such, I decided that I’d make like a cat and have nine lives. That is the same as one per week, plus an extra. If I don’t use one this week, then it’ll be the same as one per week plus two extras, and so on. As for how I will track this, I am leaning towards a physical card of some kind, but I am not sure what.

In terms of other goals right now, I want to rework this site to have a more commercial landing page. Right now for context going to samshuttleworth.com takes you to the blog right away. That’s not a huge problem while my readership is small, but I should have a big link that says “Go here to read The Unreachable Star on WattPad! Updates each Wednesday!”. 

It would also be a good shout at some point for me to start writing some articles on here, but I’m holding fire on that for now. In time, I would like to take what I have learned from 1K, as well as the three books that function as its cornerstones: Getting Things DoneThe Power of Habit, and Enough. Taking my own spin on GTD and Enoughism in the form of a “1K how to” doesn’t seem too audacious as its working, but might make more sense with a larger audience.

For now, I am going to get back to work and keep thinking about how to display my ‘lives’ system. I can’t tell you how nice it is to feel back in the driving seat. I owe it all to 1K.