June 16th, 2019

Ok, so tomorrow did not go well for writing. I’d claim “today will be different” but something tells me such statements are jynxed from the start. So instead I’ll say that I hope to feel relaxed and at ease by the end of this day, focused on hitting the ground running this week.

Running is the key part here, as I have now chained several days of non-WHT content, and have to offset it with a streak of content twice as long. No I’m not kidding, that’s how dire an extended break at this stage is; I lost a month of content don’t forget.

If I’m to assume I lose today too – not certain, I might go to Skylark later – then I have serious ground to make up. For now though I want to focus on playing some Minecraft. You know the last time I spent more than 20 minutes of a day on a video game? February. As you might guess, I failed yesterday…